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4 min readJul 25, 2023


The Importance of Inner Kiddo Rescue: Nurturing Our Emotional Well-being

Hey there, fellow seekers of a fulfilling life and successful business! Today, I want to share a personal experience with you — a recent episode of inner kiddo rescue. You see, I firmly believe that embracing resilience and engaging in rescue work is vital to creating the life and business we desire. So, let’s dive into it together and shed any shame associated with this ongoing process.

Lately, I’ve been feeling worn down and quite pessimistic about both my business and life in general. Strangely enough, when I reflect on my external circumstances, there’s little evidence to justify the overwhelming sense of disconnection I’ve been experiencing internally. It’s during these moments when the inner and outer realms misalign that I know a new level of healing has surfaced, often beginning with an inner kiddo.

Last week, I found myself grappling with annoyance, sadness, and unshakable pessimism. Try as I might, I couldn’t snap out of it. So, I turned to a tried-and-true practice that has served me well in the past. I decided to have a heart-to-heart with my inner kiddo, seeking to understand what was causing such turmoil and what she needed from me.

To my surprise, she responded with clarity, stating that she needed to remind me of something significant: “See, all the things I was afraid of as a kid are coming true. Bad things happen, and it feels like nobody cares. Trust is hard to come by.” Intrigued, I probed further, and she unleashed a long list of grievances:

  1. My greatest fear of battling cancer became a reality, and those who were supposed to provide support ended up making things harder.
  2. The world continues to be plagued by escalating crises — climate change, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and religious zealots encroaching on our rights and punishing us for simply being ourselves.
  3. People who were supposed to love and care for us turned their backs during the pandemic, unwilling to make even the slightest adjustments to include us in their lives.
  4. Both the government and religion, which we once trusted, have utterly failed certain segments of the population in pursuit of profit and control. The hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance are utterly overwhelming.

She went on, unburdening her soul. It became clear that she had lost trust in the world and in me. I had failed to listen and rescue her, which is ironic because I encourage others to do that every day. It’s easy to overlook our emotions and attribute them to menopause, aching backs, demanding clients, hot weather, or annoying people. Instead of checking in with her, I busied myself with addressing these surface-level concerns.

So, what did I do next? I decided to return to basics, with a few adjustments to suit our current world:

  1. In the morning, before diving into social media, I started listening to something educational, interesting, or uplifting. This practice aimed to shield her from the overwhelming deluge of bad news.
  2. I made it a point to go outside each morning, allowing the sun to caress my face and immersing myself in the fresh air, bird songs, and the promise of a new day. This simple act reignited her love for nature, reminiscent of the times she spent in the backyard hammock, taking in the world around her.
  3. Daily journaling became a lifeline. I began noting down all the positive occurrences, what was working out, and what she could depend on. This practice has helped rebuild trust between us, assuring her that I’ll tend to her and our nervous system.
  4. Music became a vital tool. When feeling sad, we listened to songs that resonated with that emotion. To uplift our spirits, we played cheerful tunes. And, of course, we indulged in the ’80s hits she adores so much.

As I continue navigating this new chapter in our relationship, there’s still much to process — betrayal, pain, intrusion. Nevertheless, I remind her that what has changed is that she now has me — someone to support her through it all. Even if I miss the signals occasionally, I will always return to her side, committed to helping her heal.

Remember, my dear readers, the journey of inner kiddo rescue is not a one-time affair. It’s an ongoing process that weaves throughout our lives and our businesses. Let’s release any shame associated with it and embrace the opportunity to nurture our emotional well-being. By rescuing our inner kiddos, we create space for personal growth, resilience, and a future brimming with possibilities.

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Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole Lewis-Keeber MSW LCSW is a business therapist and speaker helping entrepreneurs to create & nurture healthy relationships with their business.